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Business Profile

RITES offers consultancy services in the field of urban planning and sub-disciplines. This includes preparation of Master Plans for cities, special urban area plans, development of satellite towns, industrial parks, educational and commercial centres, port towns, beach resorts, tourist and pilgrimage centres. The development planning studies also cover regional development strategy, policies and programmes for different areas.


  • Market studies and feasibility studies to assess potential in tourism, education, industries etc.
  • Preparation of urban growth and development studies
  • Preparation of master plan / structural plan / land use / Zonal / development plan
  • Sector studies, design and planning for infrastructure requirements
  • Detailed site planning and preparation of detailed project reports of residential, commercial and industrial complexes
  • Design and development of satellite towns, new townships, industrial parks etc.

Contact Information

Group General Manager(Marketing)
Tel :- 91-124-2818144
email Id :- urbanplanning@rites.com

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