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Business Profile

The primary activity of the division is to export rolling stock produced in India to other railway systems overseas.  It offers integrated export packages, which include maintenance and spare part support, for a wide variety of rolling stock of different gauges.  In addition, the division renders technical consultancy services for facility planning for rolling stock maintenance and for workshop upgradation, training and technology transfer.

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  1. Supply, commissioning and maintenance of locomotives, passenger coaches, DMU trains and freight wagons.
  2. Rehabilitation of locomotives and other stock.
  3. Supply & commissioning of workshop machinery and plant.
  4. Technical assistance for workshop modernization.
  5. Facility planning for rolling stock maintenance.
  6. Training in railway technology.
  7. Rehabilitation of traction machines.
  8. Supply of spare parts for rolling stock.

 Contact Information

Mr. Puneet Kumar, Executive Director (Expotech)
email Id:- puneet@rites.com
Tel :- +91-124-2571629 

Important Projects


    1. Supply of 26 Broad Gauge 3100 HP Diesel Electric Locomotives to Bangladesh Railways.
    2. Supply of in-service MG locos and coaches, wagons, machinery and equipment to Myanma Railways, Myanmar.
    3. Supply of BG Diesel Multiple Unit train sets to Sri Lanka Railways.  Project also includes supply of 3 BG 2300 HP diesel electric locos, machinery and plant items, construction of sheds and training of Sri Lanka personnel.
    4. Supply of MG Diesel Multiple Unit train sets to Senegal.
    5. Leasing of CapeGauge locomotives to CFM (Mozambique).
    6. Maintenance of contract of CapeGauge locomotives at CDN (Mozambique).
    7. Supply of spare parts of rolling stock to Sri Lanka, Myanmar and  Bangladesh.



    1. Supply of in-service MG locomotives new coaches and flat wagons to OCBN, Benin.
    2. Supply of MG locomotives and passenger coaches to Senegal.
    3. Supply of CapeGauge locos to CDN (Mozambique).
    4. Supply of in-service MG locos to Myanmar.
    5. Supply of new MG locos and coaches to Mali.
    6. Supply of CapeGauge locos, coaches, DMU train sets and accident relief train to Angola.
    7. Leasing of locomotives and coaches to Tanzania.


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