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Business Profile

RES / RITES provides dedicated & cost effective services for operation & maintenance of diesel locomotives, wagons, Railway track; Rehabilitation of railway assets and studies pertaining to operation & maintenance to improve efficiency and productivity. It has a vast pool of experts with varied Railway experience and has a revolving panel of specialists from where the inputs are drawn for specific service requirements of a client. It also owns WDS6 Locomotives, which are given to Clients on Wet Lease Basis as per their requirement.

WDS6 Locomotives Leased to:

- DVC / Andal 1 Loco
- NSPCL / Bhilai 1 Loco
- Uttam Galva / Wardha 1 Loco
- DPCL / Dhamra Port 5 Locos
- VPT / Vizag Port 3 Locos
- CLP / Jhajjar 1 Loco
- RSP/Rourkela 3 Locos
- KOPT / Kolkata 2 Locos
- WBPDCL / Kolaghat 1 Loco
- WBPDCL/Bandel 1 Loco
APML / Tiroda  1 Loco 
- DVC / Koderma 1 Loco 
- Adani Dahej Port 2 Loco 
- PPT / Paradip  2 Locos 
  L&T, WDFC 2 Locos
  Tata Steel / Kalinganagar 3 Locos
  KBUNL, Kanti 1 Locos
RES Guidelines(Table of Index) 

Sr No


Page No.


Protocol for starting a new site



Instructions regarding processing of bills for payment  



Documents to be maintained at site



List of spares available at various site as on 10.06.2017



Protocol for sending the Loco to Diesel Shed


Capability Statement 

To provide our client the value based cost effective services of operation & maintenance of Railways systems with high degree of reliability and optimum utilization of their assets

Complete Operation, Maintenance & Management of Inplant Railway Systems.

• Leasing of Locomotives / Wagons
• Recently, RES has developed WDS-6 Diesel locomotives from Indian Railways for giving to non railway customers in domestic market on wet  lease offering following advantages:
  • No capital investment on locomotives for client
  • Hassle free service to include Operation & Maintenance, which will be theresponsibility of RITES
  • No hassle for procuring Diesel loco spares and coordinating with Railway Workshop/ Diesel Shed for higher schedule maintenance
  • Assured minimum 85 % uptime / availability of the locomotive
  • Client can focus on the core activity of production (power / cement / steel etc.)
Train Operation in Yards.
• Diesel Locomotive & Wagon Maintenance.
• Major Schedule of Diesel Locomotives.
• POH & Major Schedule of Wagons.
• Modification of Locomotives & Wagons.
• Track Maintenance & Rehabilitation.
Contact Information
(Contact Person)

Mr. Pradeep Gupta (ED/IE) 
Tel : 91-124-2571634, 2818631
Email : pradeepgupta@rites.com 

Mr. S C Singhal(GGM/RES/SBU)
Tel : 91-124-2571630,2818252, Mobile No: 09599193850
Email : subhashsinghal@rites.com        

Important Projects

 Ongoing (apart from loco leasing projects)

1. Maintenance of diesel locomotives & wagons for last 24 years - Operation &maintenance of M&P for last 24 years.
   Client: NTPC, Farakka
2. Maintenance of diesel locomotives & wagons for last 19 years- Operation & maintenance of M&P for last 19 years.
    - Condition Audit of Bridges.Client: NTPC, Kahalgaon
3. Maintenance of diesel locomotives & wagons for last 16 years - Operation &maintenance of M&P for last 16 years.
   Client: NTPC, Talcher
4. Maintenance and Operation of diesel locomotives.
   Client: Bandel Thermal Power Station
5. Maintenance of railway track for last 12 years. Yard Modification; Insertion of Level
    Crossing.Client: IOC, Panipat
6. Study for Up-gradation of rail transportation system.
    Client: SAIL, Bhilai, Bokaro, Burnpur & Rourkela
7. Operation of diesel locomotives; Track Maintenance and Rehabilitation.
    Client: Tau Devi Lal Thermal Plant, Panipat
8. Complete Railway Yard Management & Maintenance.
    Client: WBPDCL,Location: Kolaghat Power House, India.
9.Yard and Rake Management.
    Client: CESC, Kolkata,Location: Budge Budge, Majerhat, India.
10.Yard Management & Loco Operations.
    Client: SAIL,Location: Bhilai Steel Plant, India.
11.Maintenance of Locomotives & Wagons
    Client: NTPC,Location: Singrauli, India
12.Operation and Maintenance of Locomotive, Track Maintenance
    Client: APCPL,Location: Jhajjar, India
13.Operation and Maintenance of Locomotive
    Client: SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant,Location: Rourkela, India
14.Operation and Maintenance of Locomotive
    Client: SAIL , IISCO Steel Plant,Location: Burnpur, India


  1. Modification of Passenger Coaches - Fitment of Extra Middle Berth
    Client: Indian Railways(North West Railway, West Central Railway, Southern Railway)
    Location: Jaipur, Jabalpur, Chennai ( India)
  2. Rehabilitation of Railway Wagons.
    Client: Indian Railways (East Coast Railway)
    Location: Visakapatanam, India.
  3. Schedule of diesel locomotives.
    - Tyre turning of wheels of diesel locomotives.
    - Overhauling of components.
    - Track Maintenance
    Client: TISCO, Jamshedpur
  4. Operation, maintenance & management of Baghdad-Al-Qaim-Akashat high speed railway line.
    Client: Iraqi Railways
  5. Rehabilitation of wagons.
    Client: Tanzania Railways
  6. Operation & maintenance of diesel locomotives and wagons - Maintenance of
    railway track.
    Client: UPSEB, Anpara Thermal Power Station
  7. Operation, maintenance & management of in-plant railway system -
    Maintenance of railway track
    Client: NTPC, Unchahar Thermal Power Station
  8. Locomotive Maintenance; Track Maintenance.
    Client: NTPC, NCPP, Dadri
  9. Overhauling of D.G. set power packs and sub assemblies.
    Client: Narora Atomic Power Station
  10. Operation & maintenance of diesel locomotives and in-plant operation.
    Client: Kothegudam Power Station
  11. Operation & maintenance of diesel locomotives - Railway track maintenance
    Client: Rayalseema Thermal Power Station
  12. Operation & maintenance of diesel locomotives - Railway track maintenance.
    Client: TATA Power, Jamshedpur
  13. Realignment of curves on railway track.
    Client: NTPC, Farakka
  14. Safety audit of all power plants
    Client: MGR Systems of NTPC
  15. Yearly schedule of diesel locomotives.
    Client: NTPC, Talcher
  16. Maintenance of railway track - Rehabilitation of railway track.
    Client: NTPC, Kahalgaon
  17. Periodic overhauling of diesel locomotives
    Client: Bandel Thermal Power Station
  18. Rehabilitation of points and crossing by welding.
    Client: IOC, Panipat
  19. Rail bridge G1 channel sleeper designing and Insertion on girders.
    -Railway Track survey and charting.
    -Thermit welding of Rail joints.
    -Detailed inspection of distressed bridge girders.
    -Technical audit of Railway track
    -3 yearly schedule of WDS6 diesel locomotives
     Client: TISCO, Jamshedpur
  20. Review of operation & maintenance and safety audit.
    Client: NTPC, Rama Gundam
  21. Maintenance of Rolling Stock,  Client: KTMB, Malaysian Railways
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