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RITES undertakes investigations and feasibility studies, integrated design services, institutional management and technical support for new railway projects and rehabilitation and modernization of existing railways systems. With roots in Indian Railways, RITES shares its vast experience and expertise with various developing railways of the world.
Conceptualization and design of rail based transportation systems, including "merry-go-round" (MGR) systems for transportation of bulk commodities like cement, fertilizers, coal etc. is RITES forte.


  1. Comprehensive rail transport consultancy
  2. Design for bulk solids and liquids handling
  3. Design/sizing of rolling stock
  4. Solution to special transport problems like over dimensional consignments
  5. Assistance in repairs to rolling stock
  6. Traffic analysis, site selection, pre-feasibility, DPR, detailed engineering & commissioning
  7. Design for track hoppers, decantation systems, conveyors, bagging plants
  8. Design for automatic loaders, pumping stations, storage tanks & pipeline systems
  9. Design of hopper wagons, container flat wagons, high capacity wagons
  10. Design for shunting & flame proof locos
  11. Movement survey for rail and road and obtaining permission for movement
  12. Modifications to wagon design
  13. Problem evaluation & selection of agencies for rolling stock repair
  14. Quality assurance services and testing of rolling stock
  15. Modelling & optimisation through finite element method & analysis


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  1. Consultancy services for dedicated multi-modal high axle load freight corridor for Mumbai-Delhi, Delhi-Howrah.
    Client Name: Indian Railways
    Location: Indian
  2. Engineering Consultancy Services for Katra-Quazikund, Udhampur- Srinagar-Baramulla new BG rail line at Jammu & Kashmir.
    Client Name: IRCON International Ltd
    Location: J&K, India
  3. Design and Construction management services for bridge and track design.
    Client Name: Railways
    Location: Malaysia
  4. Feasibility Study for a new railway link between Zinguinchor & Dakar.
    Client Name: Railways
    Location: Other
  5. Consortium Member of the Beria Rail Corridor Project and providing Project Management Services at Mozambique
    Client Name: CCFB
    Location: Mozambique
  6. Design Support for signalling & electrification of West Coast Mainline.
    Client Name: M/s. Atkins
    Location: United Kingdom


  1. Diagnostic study of manpower planning and Human resourec develipment of SNTF, Algeria.
    Client Name: SNTF
    Location: Algeria
  2. Rehabilitation study of Luanda Railway under Revitalisation Study. (Africa Fund).
    Client: Luanda Railway (CFL)

    Location: Angola
  3. Consultancy Services for:
          - System inprovement for rolling stock maintance (ADB)
          - Productivity Improvement of Pahatali Workshop
          - Operation and Maintenance of Bangladesh Railways;
          - Regional Traffic Enhancement Study (ADB)
    Client: Bangladesh Railways
    Location: Bangladesh
  4. Services of Chief Executive and other top level experts; study for improvements to railway track of Botswana Railway. 
    Client: Botswana Railways
    Location: Botswana
  5. Feasibility Study and technical assistance for rehabilitation of roling stock and Bridges of Cambodian Railways (UNDP Project).
    Client Name: Cambodian Railways
    Location: Cambodia
  6. Equity Partner in the BOT Concession project of Red Atlantic Railway Network in Colombia. Also provided Technical Assistance and Managerial Support services for maintenance of Rolling Stock and Workshops.
    Client Name: FENOCO
    Location: Colombia
  7. Staffing and Managment Study; Study for improvement in operation and maintenance, technnical assistance for rehabilitation and improvement or performance; Quality assurance and spare parts managment (WB projects).
    Client Name: Ghana Railway Corporation
    Location: Ghana
  8. Design of new locomotive overhaul workshop at Karadj; Design of rail system for sugarcane transportation.
    Client Name: Iran Railways
    Location: IRAN
  9. Operation and Maintenance of Baghdad - Al Qaim - Akashat section.
    Client Name: Iraqi Republic Railway Establishment
    Location: Iraq
  10. Maintenance and Operation of Diesel locomotive, organizational restructuring & Manpower Planning.
    Client Name: Kenya Railways
    Location: Kenya
  11. Technical and Managment Services.
    Client: Central East African Railways
    Location: Malawi
  12. Complete Managment of Railway System for 3 years; Revitalisation study and investment Plan (WB project).
    Client: Nigerian Railways
    Location: Nigeria
  13. Assistance for increasing productivity at Ratmalana Workshops;  Maintenance of Rolling stocks, stores material managment, inventory control.
    Client: Sri Lankan Railways
    Location: Sri Lanka
  14. Study for preparation of action programme 1984-87 for Sudan Railway Corporation (WB project).
    Client: Sudan Railways
    Location: Sudan
  15. General Management and Technical Management support in the fields of safety, corporate planning, maintenance of track equipment, motive power and signal and telecommunication;  Design and implementation of ,otivational package and advanced training in permanent way maintenance;  Operations improvement plan and decentralization studies for Tanzania Railway Corporation (WB project).
    Client: Tanzania Railway Corporation 
    Location: Tanzania
  16. Railway efficiency improvement project; Electric rail fastening system; Computerization of Accountsing systems for Uzbek Railways, (ADB project).
    Client: Uzbek Railways
    Location: Uzbekistan
  17. Operations improvement Plan; productivity study of motive power workshop at Kabwe for Zambia Railways (WB project).
    Client: Zambian Railways
    Location: Zambia
  18. Investment Plan for National Railways of Zimbabwe (WB project).
    Client: National Railways
    Location: Zimbabwe
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