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Business Profile

RITES has a team of experienced engineers to provide appropriate and cost effective solutions to wide ranging signalling and telecommunication requirements of user agencies in Railway and non-railway sectors.


  1. Field survey and collection of Data
  2. Feasibility studies
  3. System planning and design
  4. System specifications
  5. Detailed engineering
  6. Project Management
  7. Tender documentation
  8. Bid invitation and evaluation
  9. Contract negotiations
  10. Project preparation and planning
  11. Installation and supervision
  12. Acceptance testing and commissioning
  13. Maintenance methodology
  14. Training of client's personnel

Contact Information


      MR. MANOJ ARORA, General Manager ( S&T)
      Tel: 91-124-2571640
      Email: manoj.arora@rites.com

 Important Projects


Signal Projects (ongoing)

  1. Project Management & Consultancy work for Modernization of signaling system on Ghaziabad – Kanpur Section of Northern Railway.
    Client: Railway Board, New Delhi
    Location: Ghaziabad – Kanpur Section, India.
  2. Preparation of Selection Table, Panel Diagram etc. for 8 stations.
    Client: South East Central Railways
    Location: India
  3. Preparation of Detailed Plans for Kalinganagar Industrial Complex Jajpur, Orissa.
    Client: Jajpur Cluster Development Limited (JCDL)
    Location: Orissa, India
  4. Signalling work in connection with construction of Semi MGR System for TTPS at Lalpania.
    Client: Tenughat Vikas Nigam Limited. 
    Location: Lalpania, India
  5. Provision of Signal & Telecommunication arrangements in MGR System at NTPC, Vindhyachal.
    Client: NTPC Limited.
    Location: Vindhyachal, India
  6. Provision of Signal & Telecommunication arrangements in MGR System at NTPC, Rihand.
    Client: NTPC Limited. 
    Location: Rihand, India
  7. Preparation of Detailed Project Report & Detailed Engineering for 3MGR System at NTPC, Rihand.
    Client: NTPC Limited.
    Location: Rihand, India
  8. Augmentation of Rail infrastructure of Ramagundam STPP. Stage III.
    Client: NTPC Limited.
    Location: Ramagundam, India
  9. Preliminary Engineering cum Traffic Survey report for Dedicated Freight Corridor Phase- II.
    Client: Railway Board, New Delhi. 
    Location: India
  10. Preparation of feasibility report of Railway Siding and MGR system at North Karanpura STPP.
    Client: NTPC Limited
    Location: Karanpura, India
  11. Consultancy for Setting up of Harnaut Rail Karkhana.
    Client: Railway Board.
    Location: Hajipur, India.
  12. Preparation of Feasibility Study of rail links between bordering towns of India & Bhutan.
    Client: North Frontier Railways
    Location: India & Bhutan.
  13. Preparation of Detailed Project Report & Detailed Engineering for TISCO Kalinganagar.
    Client: Tata Iron & Steel Company Limited
    Location: Kalinganagar, India
  14. Construction and construction supervision for MGR system and Railway siding package for expansion of Bhillai Power Project.
    Client: NTPC – SAIL Power Company Private Limited
    Location: Bhilai, India
  15. Project Management and Consultancy for laying of Railway lines & associated work of PX-PTA project at IOCL, Paipat.
    Client: Indian Oil Corporation Limited.
    Location: Panipat, India
  16. Preparation of Detailed Project Report & Detailed Engineering for Signal & Telecommunication work for Railway network of Rourkela Steel Plant.
    Client: Rourkela Steel Plant
    Location: Rourkela, India
  17. Final Location Survey for dedicated multimodal high axle load freight corridor on Mumbai-Delhi and Delhi - Howrah routes with computerized control system.
    Client: Railway Board, New Delhi
    Location: India
  18. Supply & Erection of twin electrical lifting barrier for two level crossing gates and mechanical lifting barrier for one unmanned level crossing gate with telephone communication at Korba for CSEB, Raipur.
    Client: Chattisgarh State Electricity Board
    Location: Korba, India
  19. Project Management and Consultancy of Signal & Telecommunication works for Railway siding system at Barh-STPP-1.
    Client: NTPC Limited
    Location: Barh, India
  20. Consultancy services for Detailed Engineering of MUTP Ph-II works on Western Railway.
    Client: Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation
    Location: Mumbai, India
  21. Project Management and Consultancy for Signal & Telecommunication work for Railway Siding in MGR system at NTPC, Sipat.
    Client: NTPC Limited.
    Location: Sipat, India
  22. Feasibility study for a Freight Railway from Khor Khueir to Dubai & Khor Khueir to Jazeerath Al Hamrah (215 Km) in UAE
    Client: Government of RAS AL Khaimah public works and services department engineering section.
    Location: UAE
  23. Project Management and Consultancy for Railway siding work at IOCL, Panipat
    Client: Indian Oil Corporation Limited
    Location: Panipat, India
  24. Construction of balance work of Piparwar Railway siding at Piparwar.
    Client: Central Coal Field Limited
    Location: Piparwar, India
  25. Modification of signalling system in connection with doubling of the track from Rajapalace station to NH gate.
    Client: NTPC Limited.
    Location: Talcher, India
  26. Project Management and Consultancy for augmentation of rail infrastructure at Rourkela steel plant.
    Client: Sail Authority of India Limited – Rourkela Steel Plant.
    Location: Rourkela, India
  27. Consultancy services for rail cum road loading system for fly ash at NTPC, Ramagundam.
    Client: NTPC Limited.
    Location: Ramagundam, India.
Telecom Projects (ongoing)
  1. Consultancy and Project Management services for incorporation of modern Toll Plaza equipment and Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) in Ahmedabad – Vadodara Expressway (ongoing).
    Client: NHAI
    Location:  New Delhi, India
  2. Consultancy Services for planning, designing, tendering and selection of vendor for Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) on National Highways on Agra – Gwalior, Tambaram – Tindivanam and Nellore – Chilkaluripet sections of National Highways.
    Client: NHAI
    Location:  New Delhi, India


Signal Projects (completed)

  1. Provision of Railway signaling design Engineers, CAD designers and other disciplines associated with the Systems and Communication.
    Client: W.S.Atkins & Partners.
    Location: Sharjah, UAE
  2. Provision of Railway signalling design Engineers and CAD designers for Signaling Design work.
    Client: Jarvis Facility Limited.
    Location: United Kingdom
  3. Conversion of manual operation of points to motorized in the yard of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur.
    Client: Tata Steel Limited.
    Location: Jamshedpur, India.
  4. Detailed Project report for Railway Electrification of Nandalur - Guntukal section of S.C Railway.
    Client: Rail Vikas Nigam Limited, New Delhi
    Location: India
  5. Consultancy for preparation of tender document, specifications & drawings for 03 sections of Indian Railways.
    Client: Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL), New Delhi
    Location: India
  6. Development of signalling software for signalling system design of IRISET, Secunderabad
    Client: IRISET
    Location: Secunderabad, India
  7. Preparation of Signal Interlocking plans from Engineering Scale plans.
    Client: IRCON International Limited
    Location: New Delhi, India
  8. Study to suggest Interlocking of TISCO yard.
    Client: Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited
    Location: Jamshedpur, India
  9. Techno-Economic feasibility report for modernization of Ghaziabad-Kanpur section of Northern Railways
    Client: Railway Board, New Delhi
    Location: India
  10. Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Signaling work for additional loop lines No. 6,7,8 and the sick lines 9,10 for proposed Railway Marshalling yard for the 2 x 120 MW power Project at Jojobera Power Plant Site
    Client: Tata Power Company Limited
    Location: Jamshedpur, India
  11. Preparation of Signaling Interlocking plan for Quazigund - Baramulla section new BG rail Link.
    Client: IRCON International Limited.
    Location: India
  12. Detailed Project Report for Phase-II corridor of Delhi-MRTS :
          (i) Viswavidyalaya - SGT Nagar
         (ii) Central Secretariat - Vasant Kunj
         (iii) Barakamba Road - Indraprasta Noida
    Client: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.
    Location: New Delhi, India
  13. Augmentation of signalling and interlocking at reception and dispatch yard of Viskhapatnam Port Trust.
    Client: Viskhapatnam Port Trust.
    Location: Viskhapatnam, India
  14. Survey and system engineering services for setting of suitable telecommunication system for Haldia - Barauni crude oil pipeline .
    Client: Indian Oil Corporation Limited.
    Location: India
  15. Project Management services for the proposed exchange peripheral railway yard for the cement plant at Jojobera, Jamshedpur.
    Client: Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited.
    Location: Jamshedpur, India
  16. Construction and commissioning of MGR system complete in all respect for Talcher Super Thermal Power Project.
    Client: NTPC Limited. 
    Location: Talcher, India
  17. Consultancy services for detailed engineering for signal and telecommunication works in exchange yard of MGR at Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station.
    Client: NTPC Limited. 
    Location: Ramagundam, India
  18. Project Management services for signalling and telecommunication works for CRS and Power House reception and departure yard at Chandrapur T.P.S. 
    Client: Maharashtra State Electricity Board.
    Location: Mumbai, India.
  19. Project Management services for construction of railway siding taking off from Kirorimal Nagar S.E Railways.
    Client: South Eastern Railways.
    Location: India.
  20. Consultancy services for MGR rail coal transportation system, installation of double line between KM 26 to KM 35.4 and other related works.
    Client: NTPC Limited.
    Location: Rihand, India
  21. Provision of S&T system for railway siding facility for unloading POL at Hirenanduru near Gulbarga.
    Client: IOCL, Chennai.
    Location: India
  22. Maintenance of S&T system at NTPC, Kahalgaon
    Client: NTPC Limited.
    Location: Kahalgaon, India
  23. Maintenance of S&T system at NTPC, Farakka.
    Client: NTPC Limited, Farakka
    Location: India
  24. Maintenance of S&T system at NTPC, Ramagundam.
    Client: NTPC Limited, Ramagundam 
    Location: India

 Telecom Projects (completed)

  1. Quality Surveillance services for the entire telecom system (covering digital point – to – point radio, satellite communication system, mobile radio system and captive telephone system) for all stations along 1700 km long HBJ Gas Pipeline for Gas Authority of India Limited.(Completed in 1990).
    Client: EIL 
    Location: Delhi, India
  2. Radio survey and supervision of installation / commissioning of Digital Radio (Point to Point) along 19 – hop Delhi – Mughal Sarai route (approximately 800 km) of Northern Railway. (Completed in 1995).
    Client: Northern Railway
    Location: Delhi, India
  3. Feasibility cum radio survey/design for Ten (10) hops of GAIL Locations.(Completed in 2000).
    lient: Gas Authority of India Limited.
    Location:   India
  4. Consultancy and Project management services for External Plant Works in Various parts of India for BSNL. (Completed in 2001).
    Client: BSNL
    Location:   India
  5. Consultancy and Project management services for External Plant Works for MTNL. (Completed in 2001).
    Client: MTNL
    Location: Delhi, India 
  6. Consultancy and project management services for planning, design, tendering, vendor selection and implementation of Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) along Kotputli to Amer section of NH – 8. (Completed in 2001)
    Client: NHAI 
    Location: New Delhi, India 
  7. Consultancy and Project Management services for provision of branch security systems for 93 branches of Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited spread over entire state of Jammu and Kashmir. (Completed in 2003)
    Client: The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd.
    Location: Srinagar, India
  8. Consultancy for Duct Route Survey/Planning and Telecom Traffic Growth Assessment along Mumbai – Delhi and Chennai – Mumbai national highways route (approximately 3000 route - km). (Completed in 2004)
    Client: NHAI
    Location:  New Delhi, India
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