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Business Profile

RITES, Transportation & Economics Division has expertise in transportation system design,management/ planning and transport economics. This enables it to carry out studies for integrated transportation systems, logistics management, inter-modal planning, and traffic engineering analysis. These apply to all modes of transportation, viz., railways, highways, ports, waterways etc. In addition, having played a leading role in the development of container trade infrastructure in India, the division possess complete know how on containerized multi modal transport.


The division is fully equipped with highly capable qualified and experienced in-house professionals supported with dedicated field staff and area specialist.
In-house state of the art computer facilities for large size data compilation, processing analysis and report preparation are available.


  • Techno economic Studies
  • Cost effective transport options including intermodal logistics
  • Total transport system study at micro/macro level
  • Comprehensive and integrated rail transport consultancy involving:
    • Traffic demand analysis
    • Forecasting and modal split determination
    • Site selection
    • Pre feasibility
    • Detailed project report of rail infrastructure projects.
  • Total transport solution for industrial units integrating transportation and materials handling system.
  • Design of rail infrastructure
  • Optimising existing rail operations
  • Logistics Management Study
  • Terminal layout
  • Planning, selection and installation of handling equipment in respect of Container Terminals
  • Financial Cost benefit and risk analysis
  • Preparation of investment plan with prioritization
  • Economic appraisal of transport and infrastructure projects
  • Preparation of manuals for safe working of railway system
  • Socio economic impact evaluation of development projects both concurrent and impact assessment

Contact Information

Mr. Y P Sachdeva, GGM (T&E)
Tel : 91-124- 2571669
Email : yashsachdev@rites.com

Important Projects


  1. Total Transport System Study on Traffic Flows and Modal Costs  (Railways, Highways, Airways and Shipping).
    Client:- Planning Commission, Govt. of India
  2. Feasibility for setting up of multi modal logistics park at Durgapur,Vapi, Ludhiana and Nagpur.
    Client :- Ministry of Railways
    Location:- Durgapur, Vapi, Ludhiana and Nagpur.
  3. Study for setting of rail based multi modal freight logistics park at five locations across Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) in the state of Gujarat.
    Client :- Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board(GIDB)
  4. Feasibility Studies on ultra mega power plants at Sasan and Talliya.
    Client:- Power Finance Corporation
    Location:- Sasan, Talliya
  5. Feasibility and DPR for TATA Steel at Kalinganagar, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand.
    Client :- TATA Steel
    Location:- Kalinganagar (Orissa), Chattisgarh and Jharkhand
  6. Techno economic feasibility study of rail siding in Naptha Cracker Complex near Panipat Refinery.
    Client :- Indian Oil Corporation Limited
    Location:- Panipat (Haryana)
  7. Feasibility study for power plant at Bokaro.
    Client :- Bokaro Power Supply Pvt. Ltd.
    Location:- Jharkhand
  8. DPR and detailed engineering for rail connectivity from Karjanj to JSPL Angul Plant in Orissa.
    Client :- Jindal Steel and Power Ltd.

    Location:- Angul, Orissa
  9. Feasibility Study for coal transportation for Ultra Mega Thermal Power projects at Talwandi Sabo and Rajpura.
    Client :- Power Finance Corporation
    Location:- Punjab
  10. Feasibility study for enhanced loading from Railway siding at Bolani, Kiriburu and Meghahatuburu.
    Client :-SAIL(RMD), Kolkata
    Location :- Orissa and Jharkhand.
  11. Feasibility study and DPR with estimate and DE for full rake Railway siding at Gua.
    Client:- SAIL (RMD), Kolkata
    Location :-Gua, Jharkhand.


  1. Preparation of Modal Rail Concession Agreement for operation of container trains on Indian Railways.
    Client:- Indian Railways
  2. Traffic cum Project Evaluation for dedicated rail freight corridor between: 
         - Eastern Corridor: Sonnagar – Ludhiana, Dankuni – Son nagar
         - Western Corridor: Dadri – JNPT
    Client:- Indian Railways
  3. Master Plan study for Paradeep and Vishakhapatnam Port .
    Client:- Respective Port Trust
  4. Study on operation and infrastructure of South Eastern, South Western and South Central Railway.
    Client:- Respective Railways
  5. Design of new rail systems including merry go round systems to serve power plants of NTPC at Singrauli, Korba, Ramagundam, Vindyachal, Rihand Talcher, Khalgaon and Dadri.
    Client:- NTPC Ltd.
  6. Feasibility study of rail movement for proposed TATA Steel project in Bangladesh.
    Client:- TATA Steel
  7. Total transport logistics plan study for TATA Chemicals proposed Soda Ash plant at Lake Natron, Tanzania
    Client:- TATA Chemicals LTD.
  8. Feasibility studies for movement of raw material and finished products for the Steel plant of POSCO in Orissa.
    Client:- POSCO LTD.
  9. Master Plan for development of ICDs and CFSs in India.
    Client:- Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  10. Setting up of rail linked CFS at Dronagiri node near JN Port.
    Client:- CWC (Central Warehousing Corporation)
  11. Techno economic study encompassing traffic estimation and project evaluation for new rail system in United Arab Emirates.
    Client :- Al-Ghurair Investment
    Location:- UAE
  12. Study on JSW Steel Ltd. 
    Client :- JSW Steel Ltd.
    Location:-Tornagallu (Karnataka State),India 
  13. Economic and financial appraisal of new rail links, additional rail lines, bridges and gauge conversion works, inland waterways,roadways.
  14. Impact assessment and concurrent evaluation of various poverty alleviation programmes at district and state level for Ministry of Rural Development
    Client :- Ministry of Rural Development
    Location:- India
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